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Aerial Application

Just four of the reasons many forward thinking agri businesses are switching to aerial application for their spraying and fert requirements.

With 20 years of aerial application experience, and a fully equipped fleet of aircraft, loaders and support vehicles, Helispecs is fast becoming the operator of choice.

With highly accurate and fully calibrated  differential global positioning systems (DGPS) we  log all the details of the job undertaken and provide you with individual reports supplied to each and every client of the area treated as proof of product placement. Click here to view logging and coverage overview.

All aerial application requests must be ordered on the aerial application request form located in our downloads section.

Why choose aerial application over ground rigs?

  • Fast and timely application
  • Large areas covered in short periods of optimum weather,
  • Zero paddock or crop damage from wheel ruts,
  • Zero soil compaction,
  • Professional accurate application
  • Eliminates the transfer of weeds, diseases or pests between areas.


We offer precision application of all types of aerial spraying from low volume application rates for the control of insects and fungus in crops or plantations, to high volume spraying to control grasses and woody weeds in forestry. Read more about our range of Helicopter Spraying Services>>


Through our fertiliser spreader we can deliver seed accurately across your farm land or forestry plantations from as little as 1.5 kgs per hectare, or fertiliser up to 400 kgs per hectare in one pass without the need for airstrips or large areas to work from. We can also apply carrots, oats and pellets for the control of rats, mice, ants, locusts, insects, and all other feral animals. Read about Fertilisers, Seeding, and Baiting Services>>


Helispecs is a leading supplier of services to the forestry industry and have introduced practices that have enabled leading wood producers to change practices for the fast, efficient delivery of their spraying and fertiliser programs. Read about Forestry Services>>


Helispecs can apply all oil and chemical spill dispersants as required with our differential global positioning system recording all application and spill size. For quick response for survey mapping monitoring and accurate aerial application in and around estuaries, harbours and other sensitive areas our helicopters are your ideal aerial platform.  Read more about Oil Spill Cleanup Services >>



Helispecs holds Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approvals for aerial application operations for both fixed wing and helicopter, including all the required licences and insurances appropriate for all Australian states. See our Company Licences and Approvals>>


All our pilots hold Grade 1 agricultural ratings, Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia (AAAA) accreditation, have all relevant state pesticide licences and insurances. All our pilots are professionally trained in the operation of aircraft at low levels. Helicopter Pilots>>


Our aerial application operations and aircraft are fully supported by late model heavy vehicles and equipment, with advanced fuel and loading systems that incorporates design features for the safe handling of all types of chemicals used and gives accurate mixing with fast delivery of these mixes to the aircraft. Read about Ground Support>>


Our standard terms and conditions are now published online.  Read our complete Aerial Application Terms and Conditions>>