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Helispecs Aviation are the innovative leaders in precision aerial application, specialising in providing airborne solutions for all types of helicopter and fixed-wing operations.
Helispecs are the innovative leaders in precision aerial application, forestry & airborne solutions for all types of Helicopter & Fixed Wing operations. Our highly experienced pilots and ground crew administer a diversity of solutions to meet the requirements of our clients. Safety is at the core of Helispecs business so customers can be assured that all operations are carried out in a safe & efficient manner.
Just some of the many services Helispecs provide include:
  •  Aerial Application
  •  Forestry
  •  Aerial Lift (Aerial Crane)
  •  Aerial Survey and Spotting
  •  Aerial Filming & Photography
Our operational ability, variety of aircraft & ground support vehicles allow exceptional flexibility and rapid, effective mobile support for all operations, locally and Australia wide.
Helispecs operates throughout Australia and has a dedicated base in the Southwest and Wheatbelt of Western Australia and South-Eastern Queensland and Dalby.
Helispecs is always looking for new opportunities to build longterm customer relationships throughout Australia
Helispecs Pty Ltd is a fully approved operator by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and a Spray Safe Accredited Aerial Applicator, approved by the Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia.
Helispecs takes pride in upholding international standards and best practices while demonstrating leadership in a progressive aviation industry.

Brent Nottage

Brent Nottage
Chief Pilot

Aerial Application

Fast – Efficient – Safe – Sustainable

Just four of the reasons many forward-thinking agribusinesses are switching to aerial application for their spraying and fert requirements.

With 20 years of aerial application experience, and a fully equipped fleet of aircraft, loaders and support vehicles, Helispecs is fast becoming the operator of choice.

Some of the services we offer include:




Aerial Work

Environmental – Mining – Spotting

Our Helicopters are available for all types of fire mapping and survey. All areas can be mapped and recorded using our DGPS. This information can then be downloaded and reviewed on your computer system for overlaying onto other maps or Google earth if required. On request we can organise Flir,( Forward looking infrared imaging) which can record the perimeter, fire lines or look for hot spots that can not be found or seen by normal methods, The map or imagery can be sent directly from the helicopter to the fire control room via the Next G network for immediate analysis.


& Survey

Aerial Photography
& Filming