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Helispecs was established in 2008 with a vision of delivering industry-leading helicopter services, with the personal touch. To achieve this we needed to bring together a pool of the industry’s leading pilots, aircraft and systems. Today we have made considerable progress towards achieving this vision.

Our air and ground crews are what set us apart from the larger operators. Our chief pilot has in excess of 10,000 hrs in low-level operations and oversees a small but dedicated team of pilots who are very experienced in these types of operations and commercial flying, carrying out some of the most challenging helicopter operations, within Australia and New Zealand. They are supported by an experienced ground crew that has a deep understanding of all types of helicopter operations

In 2010 our business and operational systems were independently assessed and found to be compliant with Australian & New Zealand Standards for Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management. To our knowledge, we were the first helicopter services operator in Australia to have achieved all three of these. Certified Systems

We also recognise the vital role that ground and support equipment plays in making a helicopter operation safe, efficient and economical. Our commitment to this is demonstrated in the significant investment that we have made in a fleet of support vehicles and equipment to complement the meticulously maintained helicopters we operate.

At Helispecs we pride ourselves on being able to deliver unique and challenging airborne solutions to solve our clients’ problems in a safe, reliable, economical and environmentally sensitive manner. Our people, processes and equipment work together to support our vision of delivering industry-leading helicopter services, with the personal touch.

Our Vision

Delivering industry-leading airborne services, with a personal touch

Our Mission

Helispecs mission is to deliver Precision Airborne Solutions in a safe, efficient, reliable and environmentally sustainable manner. The professionalism of our pilots and staff, the quality of aircraft and equipment, and the rigour of our systems work together to deliver real value to our clients, in the farming, forestry, mining and emergency services sectors.

With a team of highly experienced pilots and ground crew backed up by .Our expert operational ability, variety of aircraft and ground support organisation allow exceptional flexibility and rapid, effective mobile support for all operations – locally and Australia-wide. Helispecs focuses on achieving customer satisfaction by providing the highest standard of equipment, professionalism, safety and reliability to the primary industries. We fulfill all environmental responsibilities, whilst meeting the growing demand for our helicopter services.

Helispecs have established permanent operational bases in Bunbury & Margaret River in the Southwest of Western Australia. We also have a satellite base at Albany in the Great Southern area of W.A.

and during the cropping season, extend aerial applications up to Geraldton. This ensures a rapid response to the needs of every customer. Our vast Western Australian customer service base extends from Carnarvon in the Mid-West, to the East & Southern areas of Kalgoorlie and Esperance.

Helispecs takes a pride in being one of the first Aerial Operators in Australia to have achieved the international standard best practices in the areas of Health & Safety, Environmental Management and Quality Management. This demonstrated leadership in the progressive helicopter industry, offers our clients assurance that our work is delivered safely, with no adverse environmental impacts, and to the highest standard.