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Our Values

Work Safe, Fly Safe, Home Safe
 in work and out of work, ensure the safety and personnel well being of yourself and other people around you.


Striving for Business Excellence
be efficient, effective, and contribute to the good reputation & growth of all companies and people we deal with.


Do the Right Thing
show courage, honesty, respect and integrity to all parties and people at all times.


Team Work
be reliable, communicate, be engaged, engage and support all team members, people & companies we deal with equally


Relationship Building
 every contact we make with a person or company is building respect & relationships which will result in a long term trustworthy, productive & formidable team


Environmental Responsibility
Leaving our environment we operate in and places we tread in a condition better than when we arrived for future generations to enjoy.


Service Standards

We shall deliver services that meet or exceed the requirements set by our customers and the relevant regulatory authorities. We shall comply with all the established procedures, quality standards, safety standards, environmental standards and regulations.


Commitment to Quality

We shall consistently strive to improve our quality through learning, sharing, innovation and participation in continuous improvement programmes. Our company will continue to strive to maintain a culture of excellence in quality, innovation and continuous improvement. We shall establish and maintain appropriate controls and conduct regular reviews & surveys of our attainment of set goals as we are all accountable for the quality of our work and will perform to the best of our capabilities at all times.