Aerial Feral Animal Management & Culling

We are fully licensed by CASA to undertake aerial shooting operations for the culling of animals including feral and diseased livestock, pigs and goats. We target these animals by efficient and humane culling methods enabling targeted control and management of these animals in their habitat. Helispecs crew also hold all appropriate firearms licences.

All our helicopters have advanced DGPS fitted with data logging capabilities that can upload GIS files before the operation and record a variety of parameters that include flight paths, areas, and record all relevant information. This information can then be downloaded and reviewed on your computer system or for over laying on to other maps or Google earth. All helicopters have Spidertracks real time satellite tracking which can be viewed from the operations centre as the control measures are in progress.


Our Jetranger helicopter can accommodate one or two shooters if required and have side foot rails fitted. The shooters are fitted with approved harness for added safety. The turbine power of this helicopter offers unparalleled safety and comfort.


We can supply helicopters for all wild or farmed animals mustering; all pilots and crew have a farming back ground and experience moving livestock on the ground.

Telemetry Tracking

Telemetry tracking of Radio / GPS monitored animals for research, Judas programmes and management reasons. Our helicopters can be specially equipped with telemetry aerials to facilitate such tasks. cheap autodesk inventor software

Live Capture

Helispecs is the only helicopter company in Australia offering live capture of wild or farmed animals. We can supply a helicopter and an experienced shooter that is trained in live capture with a net gun. This technique is used extensively overseas by use of a net gun to selectively capture and secure targeted species. We have experience capturing many different species of wild / farmed animals including the safe handling and welfare of these animals post capture.