Aerial Environmental Survey

All our helicopters have advanced DGPS fitted with data logging capabilities that can upload GIS files before the operation and record a variety of parameters that include flight paths, measure distance, areas, and record all relevant information This information can then be downloaded and reviewed on your computer system or for over laying on to other maps or goggle earth. All helicopters have Spidertracks real time satellite tracking which can be view from the operations centre as the survey or spotting is in progress.

Helispecs have aerial solutions for the following:

• Power line Inspections & Emergency Response

• Wild Animal & Count Surveys

• Gas Pipeline Patrols

• Geo / Magno / Spectro / Seismic Surveys

• Environmental Studies

• Mining Support, Geo Surveys and Sampling

• Fish and Marine Spotting Farm, Real Estate and Property Surveys

• Fire Mapping and Surveillance

• Heritage Survey 

Cineflex HD, Gyro stabilised cameras.

Recent trends in environmental protection, infrastructure planning, patrols, all types of land use and developments from Real Estate, Agricultural, Power Producers, Forestry and Mining to name a few have revealed to many organisations the benefits of bringing their achievements in to clear view. With images from Helispecs and the latest HD Cineflex, Gyro stabilised cameras, developers and companies are now benefiting from their ability to track and manage their infrastructure as well as promote their environmental credentials. The power of our aerial images has also been harnessed by environmentally aware financial organisations and those involved in carbon credit arrangements to provide a strong visual representation of their corporate contribution.